Blood Queen's Defiance Box Set

Limitless Adventures

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Blood Queen's Defiance Box Set
A 5th Edition 3-adventure arc that requires no DM! Blood Queen's Defiance is a 5th Edition campaign for five characters of 4th level. 

The Blood Queen's Defiance is the first DMless adventure from Limitless Adventures!

We've written a typical 5e adventure, but instead of publishing it in a book for one DM to read and run for their group, we've taken the encounters and placed them on cards. The group then divides those cards up among themselves and chooses the encounters that will make up the night's adventure. The encounters are divided into five categories: Combat, Puzzle, Roleplay, Skill Challenge, and Wildcard.

The players then take turns running their chosen encounters for the rest of the group, controlling their character as normal.

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