Paul & Storm's Sausage Party

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Paul & Storm's Sausage Party

Based on the raucous song from the musical Learning Town, the game Paul & Storm’s Sausage Party is a fast-paced, family-friendly card game about grilling sausages! There are no turns, and everyone plays all at once. Each player has three grills on which to place their sausages, with the goal of making them exactly the right length when they are put into buns. But watch out! Your opponents can put sausages in your grills to overstuff your buns, and that’s no good. Get the most points and you’re the wiener… um, winner. The game plays in just a few minutes but it’ll leave a great taste in your mouth. Enjoy making sausages with Paul & Storm’s Sausage Party!

Players: 2-4
Playtime: 5 minutes
Ages: 14+

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